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Scorpio Daily Horoscope


October 3, 2021

Bringing work home with you again this weekend, Scorpio? With the Leo moon hovering in your career house on Saturday, we wouldn’t be surprised. Hey, you’ve got an empire to build! And staying ahead of the game puts you in good graces with the industry influencers. But don’t ghost your inner circle! As free-spirited Jupiter in your sentimental fourth house opposes the moon, taking breaks will refresh your creative feeds. Recharge over brunch or a coffee break. Keep your comforting confidantes close on Sunday. Every feeling will be magnified thanks to larger-than-life Jupiter nudging reflective Mercury retrograde. You need to open up about your deeper feelings‚ the ones you keep under wraps most days. Empathy is contagious, so be sure to listen too. This bonding session will be so cathartic—as long as you focus on one person at a time.

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