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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF September 27 – October 3, 2021

Rolling in the deep—or drowning in the depths? There’s such a thing as getting in over your head, Pisces, and for the next few weeks, you’re at risk of getting pulled way out to sea. Toss yourself a life preserver, stat, because, starting Monday, September 27, Mercury turns retrograde in Libra and your seductive, mysterious eighth house. You know what curiosity did to the cat. Some situations are better left in the “unexplored” category. For example, a text from an ex could pop up on your phone with Mercury in reverse—and perhaps not an old flame you’re eager to stoke. Yet if you can’t keep your hands off this slippery devil, don’t make plans to meet for coffee and get “closure.” More likely than not, you’ll just be reopening some old drama. Jealousy, lust and control issues could also creep into existing relationships while Mercury is retrograde, so monitor your moods and keep the Messenger window open with a levelheaded friend who can talk you down from the tree when your thoughts start to spiral out. As the zodiac’s ultimate empath, take extra care to shield your field, sticking to high-vibe engagements and leaving the troubled souls and energy vampires at a far, far distance.

A complicated situation could detour in yet another new direction this Wednesday, and you have every right to feel frustrated. But don’t give up hope. With harmonizer Venus nuzzling your ruler, soulful Neptune, you could tap into a deep reservoir of creativity that turns the whole situation around. Honor your feelings without drowning in them—or ask a compassionate friend to listen, then shore you up. Once you get past that wall, new possibilities will arise. What you don’t want to do, however, is vent to people who you don’t trust. They may be more than willing to lend you an ear, but there’s no telling what they’ll do with the information you share. Stay aware!

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Shield your sensitive field on Thursday, which could find you in a particularly gullible state. Daredevil Jupiter in your boundary-challenged twelfth house locks horns with Venus in your capricious ninth. Your internal guidance may be on mute, making you a sucker for a sob story. This transit can also shatter certain illusions. If you’ve hoisted someone onto a pedestal, they could come a-tumbling down. Disappointing? Yes. But this is also a reminder to be the master of your own destiny. Question everything midweek and see where that quest for truths takes you. If nothing else, you’ll emerge with some serious philosophical insights—along with a large dose of creative inspiration.

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