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Pisces Daily Horoscope


October 3, 2021

Clean up on aisle Pisces! As the Leo moon zips through your systematic sixth house, devote Saturday to organizing your house, paying bills and sorting out your schedule. But don’t spend ALL day in taskmaster mode. A wanderlust-inducing opposition of the moon and Jupiter lures you off for some playtime. Restore yourself with a road trip, leaving room for spontaneous stops and detours along the way. If you need to get something off your chest on Sunday, don’t unload without giving people a chance to prepare themselves. It’s tempting to sound off with unfiltered Jupiter opposing expressive Mercury. But with the messenger planet retrograde, your emotional freestyling could go over like a lead balloon. (And feel twice as heavy to both of you.) For best results, speak in “I language” (I feel, I need) and avoid anything that sounds remotely like an accusation. Better yet, come to the conversation with a few creative solutions.

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