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October 3, 2021

Are you in or are you out? Saturday’s face-off of the moon and Jupiter in your social sectors could prompt a crew review. There are people who have your back without fail. Then, there are those whose track records are dodgy at best. Warning: This transit can shorten your fuse. Hit pause before you stage a full-on friendship breakup. Refile the flaky types into the “friendly acquaintance” category. If they pop up with a random invite, you can always accept. But don’t expect them to be there when you need a compassionate ear. If you plan to leap for love this Sunday, make sure there’s a safety net. Adventurous Jupiter in your romance zone is freestyling with Mercury, which is retrograde in your sign. Sweet sentiments are on tap in Cupid’s bar, but don’t let fantasies run away. While the words may be genuine, wait to see what actions follow. On your end, don’t make promises you’re not at least 90 percent sure you can keep.

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