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Large noggin? We’ve got you covered with the best face masks for big heads

Large noggin? We’ve got you covered with the best face masks for big heads


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We’ve got just the mask for you and your big head. (Photo: Move Forward First/Etsy)

There are tons of options nowadays when it comes to face masks, from disposables to KN95s to fun cloth numbers. However, many masks are one-size-fits all — and if you are more, um, cranially well-endowed, well, that’s not going to cut it.

In other words: If you’ve been blessed with a big head (bonus points if you also have a bushy beard!), the last thing you want is a mask that slides off your nose, chafes against the back of your ears or feels too tight around the chin and mouth. Have no fear — companies far and wide have heard the pleas for larger masks and are now thinking big(ger), with a slew of XL and XXL options.

We found Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling extra-large face mask, with a whopping 74,000 five-star reviews, and this tailor-made XXL face mask that measures 11 inches wide.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended wearing a face mask in public settings, events and gatherings for quite some time now. While face mask mandates in certain scenarios are starting to relax due to vaccinations and new learnings, chances are you still want to wear a mask in large gatherings and mixed company — so finding one that fits well is key.

We’ve rounded up some of the best face masks for supersized skulls below. Head on down!

Look at him stylin’ and (almost) profilin’ with this handsome — and incidentally patriotic — mask. (Photo: Etsy)

Made in the good ol’ USA (Los Angeles, to be exact), this two-layer cotton mask has soft ear loops and comes in 21 colors and prints, ranging from basic gray to cool camo. Available in XL and XXL sizes; the XL measures 8.25”W x 6”H and the XXL measures 8.75”W x 6.75”H.

“I’m a 6 ft., 180 lb guy. I got the XL. I finally got a mask that fits me well. I don’t have to adjust it as much when I talk. I got the navy blue and black. It looks great when I’m wearing it with my suit at work,” one reviewer said.

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Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller will cover the biggest gob, schnoz and jawbone you got. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling EnerPlex cloth mask has a whopping 74,000 five-star reviews! It’s made with a three-layer design that’s water-resistant and breathable and features stretch ear loops for a snug fit. Find the XL mask in black, blue and white. A pack of three is on sale for $25 right now!

“I have been having trouble finding a good quality comfortable mask for my big face/head. After numerous orders on Amazon, I finally found one that fits comfortably, especially around my ears,” one reviewer said. “It also does not pull my ears and doesn’t fog up my glasses too much…I have been wearing it for over an hour now while working at home and at times forgot I was wearing it when trying to sip my coffee!”

$25 $27 at Amazon

This one’s literally tailor-made…and built to last. (Photo: Etsy)

Talk about durable: This mask — handmade by a tailor! — has three layers of cotton poly fabric and double stitching on the nose bridge. It also includes elastic ear loops and a head strap attachment. The design is 20 to 60 percent larger than the average mask. It comes in nine colors and prints including black, blue, gray, pink and, red. Available in XL and XXL sizes, the XL measures 10″ W x 6″ H and the XXL measures 11″ W x 7″ H.

“These masks are wonderful,” says a fan. “My father needed extra large masks, but no matter where we ordered or bought from, the masks were always too small for him…. Then I found this shop and everything changed! I loved how the seller modeled his masks to show the difference between the masks he made vs the standard ones…. That showed me he truly got the difficulty, and also that his masks were truly extra large… If you or a loved one needs extra large masks, I strongly advise you to buy them at this shop, you will not be disappointed!”

$18 at Etsy

You say “voile,” we say “voila!”. (Photo: Etsy)

This 100 percent cotton voile mask has adjustable ear loops with rubber stoppers, and a thin layer of cotton padding between the first two layers. Find it in seven colors: black, navy, red, grey, white, light blue and pink. Available in L (9.5″ W x 6″ H) and XL (10″ W x 6.5″ H).

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“I got this mask for my husband; he’s always complaining about how all the masks we have are too small for his head and how they fold his ears. He was so happy that these fit him perfectly!” one reviewer says.

Starting at $5 at Etsy

Pack it away for that hygge-aspiring country-cabin getaway you’ve been planning. (Photo: Etsy)

Bring on the coziness — this mask is made with two layers of Pendleton wool, with cotton on the inside. The elastic bands have adjustable tension for a perfect fit. Find it in five colors: bronze/navy, blue/brown, red/black, green/cream and rust/cream. The mask measures 9″ W x 6″ H.

“I am really liking this mask so far. Looks great, fits my bigger face better than all of the rest, easy to take on and off or just fold down in between breaks or shopping, and fast shipping. Can’t go wrong across the board!” one reviewer says.

$20 at Etsy

Photo not to scale. Trust us; this dude’s rocking a seriously large skull. (Photo: Etsy)

This mask, measuring 7.5″ W x 7.5″ H, is made with a double layer cotton blend, and features elastic ear loops that stretch up to nine inches for a comfortable fit. It comes in black, navy, royal blue, purple, chambray and forest green.

“Perfect! We have some big guys at work who had trouble finding masks big enough for their heads and their beards. These fit them perfectly, even with the beards. They shipped really fast as well. Excellent product and service!” one reviewer shared.

$12 at Etsy

Great for covering the largest chin shrubbery..or pulling off an Old West train robbery. (Photo: Etsy)

This handmade mask features 100 percent cotton, adjustable clear acrylic support side pieces and paracord straps — there’s even a back-of-the-neck cord connector to avoid ear irritation. Find it in 41 colors, prints and patterns ranging from classic black to green plaid. More than 7,500 of these babies have been sold! The mask measures 11″ W x 9″ H.

“This mask was an absolute hit. My extended family did a secret Santa mask swap this year. I drew my cousin’s husband, who has a big, thick long beard that would make ZZ Top acknowledge him as a sharp-dressed man. He loves it!” one happy reviewer said. “He said that it’s the first time he’s been able to wear a mask comfortably. It doesn’t pull on his ears, it doesn’t crush down his beard and make his face itch, and he doesn’t have to feel self-conscious about creases or straggling hairs when he takes it off…”

$20 at Etsy

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