Google Goes Green

Google Goes Green: Updated Maps, Products, and More to Help You Save Energy and Reduce Emissions

As the world continues to grapple with climate change and its consequences, more companies are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Recently, Google has thrown its hat into the ring with an update to its popular maps app, as well as other products that aim to help consumers save energy and reduce emissions.

Google Maps Update: The new update on Google Maps makes it easier for users to find out how they can travel in a sustainable way by providing them with real-time data on the environmental impact of their journeys. For example, when you search for directions from one location to another, you will now be able to view the estimated emissions for your journey. This helps people make decisions about how best to get from A to B without harming the environment.

Google Earth Timelapse: Another product Google recently released is called Timelapse – a feature on Google Earth that allows users to explore satellite images over time. This tool allows you to see how changes in land use have resulted in changes in habitats and ecosystems across the globe. It also shows environmental disasters like deforestation or oil spills in real-time.

For those who want to do their part in helping the environment but don’t know where to start, this tool can provide some insight into what is happening around us and how our actions contribute towards climate change.

Google Sunroof: Finally, Google Sunroof is a new product that uses satellite imagery and machine learning algorithms to calculate whether solar panels are feasible for homes. It estimates how much money homeowners could save by installing solar panels based on roof size and shape as well as local weather patterns. This is an easy way for people who are considering making energy-saving upgrades at home but are unsure of what options are available or financially viable for them.


Google’s recent initiatives demonstrate that it is committed not only to providing useful products but also taking action against climate change by helping consumers make sustainable choices when it comes to energy consumption. With updates like these, we can all take small steps towards reducing our own carbon footprints and making a difference in protecting our planet!

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