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Gemini Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF September 27 – October 3, 2021

Love is a many-splendored thing, but for you, Gemini, romance can be a recipe for decision fatigue. When you fall, you go hard, setting out to create “the ultimate” experience. And while your plans may rival any Disney movie script, you might want to rein ’em in a little for the next few weeks. Blame your ruling planet Mercury, who’s turning retrograde this Monday, September 27 in Libra and your passionate, expressive fifth house. Your well-intentioned moves could be sorely misinterpreted (or not nearly as appreciated as they should be) between now and October 18. Cupid could do some backpedaling, bringing back the ghosts of lovers past or stoking the fires of a lovers’ quarrel. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, but think VERY carefully before you take a dip in those dangerous—or drama-filled—waters. Where exes are concerned you might be better off writing a letter and burning it ceremonially than opening up a Facebook Messenger window to “just say hi.” And if you do go there, withhold final judgment until late October. You just won’t know until then whether or not this Round Two is worth your time.

Broaching touchy topics in an existing relationship should be done with kid gloves, and perhaps the expertise of a couple’s counselor. A kilo of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With your attention-getting fifth house hit by your ruler’s retrograde, hold off on grandiose public statements if possible. Make sure you know the difference between fame and notoriety. It turns out there IS such a thing as bad press, and you don’t want your good name sullied by someone else’s stupid human tricks…or (glug) your own.

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You have a vision, Gemini, but put your inner creative director in the timeout chair this Wednesday. A gentle Venus-Neptune trine draws out your softer side when leading the troops. Forget about barking out orders. Connect with people first before getting down to business. You may also be faced with an opportunity to move into more personal terrain with a colleague or client. If you chat offline or meet for a coffee, share only small tidbits about your life. Too much too soon could get you in trouble down the line. Take it slow.

On Thursday, it’s your inner critic that needs to be held in check. Outspoken Jupiter in your candid ninth house clashes with Venus in stinging Scorpio, which can make you a little too, um, direct. Even if you try to couch your judgments in a “praise sandwich” or word them diplomatically, people are still likely to feel raked over the coals. This is just not the day to play life coach or try to have a conversation about your needs. Lean into Jupiter’s independent vibes. For the moment, you may have to give yourself what you feel is missing from a certain friendship or romance. There’s a silver lining here! Your search for new outlets could lead you to an amazing new friend or romantic interest. Embrace the spirit of adventure and see what (and who) else is out there.

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