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Aries Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF September 27 – October 3, 2021

When ghosts of lovers past reappear, what’s an Aries to do? Don’t make any sudden moves should a text from an ex pop up on your screen. And if you spot that ghosting Tinder date in the organic produce aisle, head to paper goods, fast! Mercury pivots retrograde this Monday, September 27, backing up through Libra and your seventh house of relationships until October 18. Nostalgia may be unavoidable but don’t lose touch with common sense. While enough time may have passed to consider forming a friendship, tread ever so lightly with such experimentation. Feelings may fade but they never totally go away. If you have a good thing going with someone new, leave that unfinished chapter in the history books. If anything, take your current boo on a walk down Memory Lane, revisiting places that hold special significance or reviving a tradition from your honeymoon phase. Single Aries should review all candidates with a more discerning eye. Are those bonds ever going to cement in a legitimate way? The last thing you need is a derailing distraction!

But when it comes to the people you adore, make yourself available for long, cathartic talks midweek. Your emotional radar is psychically attuned to this Wednesday, courtesy of a sensitive Venus-Neptune angle. While you might normally opt to block that energy, now you feel compelled to follow up. Whether you realize it or not, sharing your intuitive hits with the people in question can make a real positive impact on their lives. Just take care not to move into savior mode. Your job simply involves relaying messages.

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On Thursday, Venus in magnetic Scorpio squares off to Jupiter in Aquarius and your communal, idealistic eleventh house. Support is all around you, Aries, but in your zeal to prove your independence, you’ve probably been blind to this fact. Before you dive into DIY mode, consider what you can delegate or outsource. Take time to orient people to your processes. While this may slow you down temporarily, you’ll make up for that lost time quickly. No one on your radar? Put out your feelers on Thursday. Start by writing up a clear description of the skills you’re looking for. Passing the baton won’t happen until you find qualified people who you can trust. Is there an app for that? With Jupiter pinging your tech sector, software or a time-saving gadget can also bring ease to your life. Just make sure it’s from a legit source! (Hello, Mercury retrograde.)

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