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Aries Daily Horoscope


October 3, 2021

Your hedonistic tendencies take the wheel on Saturday as the moon sizzles in fiery, flamboyant Leo. Setting limits—and avoiding temptation—will be tough, especially when “see it, want it” Jupiter enters the frame. Keep a level-headed friend close by so you don’t stray from your commitments! Careful with the people-pleasing too. Peer pressure could get the best of you, so avoid situations that will undo all your hard work. Your romance game is strong on Sunday as courageous Jupiter trines expressive Mercury, which is retrograde in your relationship zone. You can get a long way on your charm, but don’t skim the surface. Sure, a sparkly exterior is great, but you need to get deeper if you hope to turn this into more than a situationship. Dive into emotional territory and be sure to ask plenty of probing questions. A genuine heart-to-heart could be the foundation of something serious! Already coupled? Get on the same page about those “next big steps.”

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