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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF September 27 – October 3, 2021

An Aquarius never stops chasing the next shiny thing, but are you racing in the right direction? What looks like sparkling potential could be a mirage—or not. Maybe a once-hopeful situation has hit a frustrating wall. Before you make any unretractable moves, take a pause. Give yourself (at least) three weeks to mull things over, because this Monday, September 27, Mercury is spinning retrograde in Libra and your ninth house of truth, travel and expansion. You probably have some ideas about new directions you could head in. Check your GPS, then measure it against your internal compass. How does each possibility feel to your body, heart and soul? You don’t necessarily have to pull the plug on anything. Rewiring a few dynamics might be a proper fix. Since you can’t control anyone but yourself, what might you do differently to shift the tide? If you’re feeling unappreciated, stop over-functioning and turn the focus to your own interests. Once Mercury corrects course on October 18, you may already feel the tide turning in a positive direction. But don’t play games! Autonomy makes the heart grow fonder, abandonment does not.

If you’re looking for an end-of-year win, it’s always wise to devise a solid strategy. But don’t forget to work the Law of Attraction! Wednesday’s divine trine between seductive Venus and esoteric Neptune supplies a heady mix of sensibility and creativity. Rather than limiting your scope to what’s in front of you right now, visualize your ideal outcome FIRST. By working backward from your dream scenario, the “how” will present itself, step by step.

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Check your safety line at work this Thursday. Optimistic Venus in your high-reaching tenth house slams into a challenging square (90-degree angle) with gambling, go-getter Jupiter in Aquarius, which could lead to overconfidence. Do you have an adequate backup plan in place? Better you should stall than launch prematurely and blow your chance at slaying with a first impression. On that note, could your public image and presentation materials use a little polishing? You’ve changed so much since Jupiter entered your sign last December 19 that you might be ready for a total image refresh! The Venus-Jupiter square could inspire an upgrade. Start scoping out pros, from graphic designers to stylists to branding consultants so you can get to work on any transformations once Mercury turns direct on October 18.

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