Home Style 15 kid-approved toys to nab before the shortages kick in — from $15

15 kid-approved toys to nab before the shortages kick in — from $15

15 kid-approved toys to nab before the shortages kick in — from $15


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Awesome gifts to get now! Hurry, toy supplies are limited this year. (Photos: Walmart)

Wanna know what kids really want? Ask kids!

Walmart recently released its Top-Rated by Kids list, and it’s packed with all the goodies little ones are digging the most. I’ve used my mom-lens to narrow down the 47 items on the list to 15 toys — all approved by my 7-year-old! It’s a very scientific process.

Our favorites span every age group. In the mix? An adorably sneezy Baby Alive (on sale!), a sweet $15 Play-Doh cake set (also on sale!) and a wild hoverboard the whole family can enjoy.

We’re urging you to start your holiday shopping now — yes, in October! And for good reason: Supply chain issues are a thing this year and will heavily impact the availability of toys as well as other giftables (electronics, kitchen gear, exercise equipment). So get while the gettin’s good!

And you may be able to receive same-day delivery on these items through Walmart+. The retail giant’s delivery service brings fresh groceries and more to your door. Enjoy a risk-free 30-day trial after filling out a short survey. (Once the 30 days are up, you may continue the service for $13 per month or $98 per year — your choice.)

Enough chitchat. Go shop! We don’t expect these toys to stick around long.

Ages 2-4

What a goofbot! (Photo: Walmart)

Need something for the young ones? This active little cutie zooms around, lights up and can play over 120 songs, sounds and learning phrases. The Ultimate Learning Bot can be broken down into three separate toys (each with its own face!). The interactive gizmo, now on sale for $42, has earned an amazing 4.9-star rating and the adoration of countless tots.

One parent reports: “Even my 7 year old likes playing with his little sister with this. It’s fun to follow the robot around while he sings songs, plays freeze dance, teaches colors and shapes…The head has a spinning gear and a button to make his eyes wiggle back and forth. The tummy has an easy to press bottom to make the balls inside spin around. And the bottom part lights up, has shapes and colors and drives around! My kids think it’s hilarious that all three parts have a set of eyes.”

$42 $49 at Walmart

Scoop up Baby Alive Lulu Achoo — now on sale! (Photo: Walmart)

Children got a crash course in germs and sickness during this pandemic. A healthy way to process all this is through the joy of play. Your little nurturer will adore caring for the sweet ‘n’ sneezy Lulu Achoo! If kids were already crazy enough about Baby Alive dolls, this one takes hands-on care a step further. When she needs attention, she gets noisy and her forehead turns red. Then you have to decide, does she need her baba? Her cloth tissue? A checkup with the thermometer and stethoscope? A spoonful of meds? When Lulu’s all better, she may give her best giggle, a happy wave or even a light show!

One reviewer said: “My niece loves this little doll and takes her everywhere. She enjoys the animations and taking care of Lulu Achoo…wearing the stethoscope and listening to her doll. I love how they can interact together. I also feel it teaches her a little about nurses and doctors and gives her some knowledge of what to expect when she goes to checkups herself.”

Ages 3 and up.

$40 $53 at Walmart

More “Top-Rated by Kids” (Ages 2 to 4)

Ages 5 to 7

Nailed it! Fashion next-level cakes with this $15 Play-Doh set. (Photo: Walmart)

It all started with mud pies. Then canisters of Play-Doh came along to inspire squooshy, colorific cakes. Today, the dough giant has outdone itself with its Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Rising Cake Oven Bakery Playset! Children place their pretend cake in the “oven,” make it rise by pressing a lever; then they fancify it using a piping tool, candy molds and much more.

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One reviewer called it a “total blast!…So many ways to let your little baker’s imagination run wild with this set!…Assembly was literally a snap and all the pieces of the set are high quality, sturdy, vibrant and adorable!”

Note: If you’re considering giving a Switch Witch gift in exchange for some of your kid’s candy this Halloween weekend, this $15 set of five cans will do the trick. It’s also a hit at birthday parties! Or just hide it away until the holidays.

$15 $20 at Walmart

OMG! They’ll LOL all day! (Photo: Walmart)

Got an LOL-obsessed kid on your hands? This LOL Surprise OMG House will blow their mind! (And it will blow yours too when it gets all those LOLs off the floor once and for all).

Sure, it’s a splurge, but Walmart has knocked $45 off the price. This 4-foot tall, 4-story house is more than meets the eye: It boasts 10 furnished rooms, a pool, rooftop patio, movie theater, diner, a working elevator and much more. Six of the rooms even spin and transform into surprise spaces!

One five-star fan wrote: “My three daughters absolutely love this toy! It was such a treat for them to work together to open all of the surprises. It kept my 3-, 7- and 10-year-olds all entertained…The size is awesome and works well with LOL, OMG and really any figurine-type dolls. It’s a huge hit among their friends too — girls and boys!”

$184 $229 at Walmart

More “Top-Rated by Kids” (Ages 5 to 7)

Ages 8 to 12

Hoverboard = never bored. (Photo: Walmart)

A hoverboard is what my kiddo wants most this year. Since we live on a busy street, I’ve been on the fence, but this one has all-terrain tires, which are well-suited to our bumpy sidewalks. Can you imagine having this when you were young? (Psst: It holds up to 220 pounds, so maybe you don’t have to imagine.)

The fall risk is low on the Jetson Hali X hoverboard, thanks to its active balance technology and no-slip grip. With three speed modes, it’ll roll up to 12 miles an hour while you rock out with quality Bluetooth speakers and funky LED lights! It’s available in bright pink too.

Fans have given this board an impressive 4.9-star rating. “Fun for the whole family,” stated one five-star reviewer. “We are having so much fun with this Hoverboard! I was afraid of falling off but it has auto-balance technology, so when it feels your foot on, it balances automatically. Makes it so easy to ride…”

$178 at Walmart

Get them this Lego set, and you’ll be the superhero. (Photo: Walmart)

I haven’t met a young person who doesn’t enjoy Legos — whether they build by the book, build from their imagination or simply use the pieces to role play. This Lego Marvel Avengers megaset will thrill Marvel fans, collectors and Lego lovers alike. It’s got 527 pieces in all, including characters (Thor, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Thanos and a Chitauri warrior) and everything they need to build the Avengers compound and van!

“We are obsessed with our Avengers: Endgame Final Battle Lego set. The attention to detail for being in Lego form is pretty cool. My son especially loved the tiny Ant Man piece. The instructions are pretty clear and it took our 10-year-old son about two hours to fully construct by himself.”

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$70 at Walmart

More “Top-Rated by Kids” (Ages 8 to 12)

We hope you beat the expected shortages and find something special for everyone on your shopping list this year — and that you can find someplace to stash them. Remember, if you need something quick, there’s always Walmart+ same-day delivery service. The trial is free!

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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